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in case you have any additional questions that have not yet been answered, please feel free to contact us via email. We would be pleased to help you finding a solution as quickly as possible.

Here you can find our current "question-encyclopedia":


Can I use the belt buckle for my belt strap with press buttons?



What can I do if I lose the screw that connects the belt strap with the belt buckle?

Send us an email and we will gladly and quickly send you a new screw per post and free of charge.

I don't have hole punch pliers to add new holes to the shortend belt strap. What now?

you can buy hole punch pliers in your nearest hardware store or online.
For approximately ยค 10 you can acquire usable equipment.

you can see your local cobbler. They are usually equipped with hole punch pliers and will no doubt punch the new holes free of charge.

The prong of the belt buckle broke off. What can I do?

You may return the broken belt buckle to us for free.
You will then be sent a new belt buckle free of any charge.
Regardless of the time of purchase.

The buckle strap has torn. How can I acquire a new one?

You may return the torn buckle strap to us for free.
You will then be sent a new belt strap free of any charge.
Regardless of the time of purchase.

Are all the metal parts of the belts and bracelets nickel-free?


Do the metal parts, leather, synthetic leather and scarf fabrics contain any harmful substances?

No, all materials are in compliance with the standards of the European textile industry.

Are any items produced by child labour?

No, all of our production partners are certified by BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) standards and comply with these policies.
We cooperate only with production partners we know personally and have known for a significant amount of time.

In which countries are the items being produced?

The belt buckles and bracelets in Italy.
The leather belts and -bracelets in Germany.
The synthetic leather belts and -bracelets in Hongkong.
The scarfs in India.

Freedom from hazardous substances

All products are in compliance with the conditions of the European textile regulations.

As a matter of principle:

•    All metals are nickle-free.

•    All colouring agents are AZO-free

•    All leathers are free of PCP and Cadmium.

•    All scarfs are made of 100% cotton.
Please observe the washing instructions on the label.

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Michael Zieger


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