Dear fellow people,

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who have helped me and accompanied me during the realization of my vision:

Thanks to the producers of the leather belts and -bracelets, Mr. Kästle, Rainer Strasser and Maic Strasser, for making it possible to keep producing in Germany at a fair price.

Thanks to the delegate producer of buckles, Hans-Joachim Paegel, his wife Veronika and his son Jens, for the amazing design support. Unfortunately Hans-Joachim passed away, but I am glad to see his familiy continuing the business.
I want to thank Mona for her loving desing approach, creativity and graphical talent in the translation of my ideas.

Thanks to Dr. Werner Strych and Dr. Kleim for the competent advice in international patent- and product laws.

Many thanks to the egate-Team for the great cooperation in the creation and design of my webshop.

Cordial thanks to Barbara for the amazing photos and to Heidi and Matthias for their readiness to model.

Special thanks is directed to my former wife Manuela. Her work as yoga instructor was what first inspired me in the realization of these accessories.

My most emotional thanks goes to my children Natalie, Miriam, Benjamin and my granddaughter Emma. It is wonderful to be their father and grandfather. My love for them fills me with great and ever present joy.

Also I want to thank Peter und Eva of the "Live and love more consciously" institute ("Bewusster leben und lieben"). They are a living and tangible example of living life more consciously and loving. By working with them my "I Love"collection of accessories came into being.

And very special thanks goes to my former partner Andrea. Thank you for your precision and clarity in checking my samples, your ever present support and understanding of the long hours I needed to invest in the realization of my project.

And ultimately I want to thank myself for my perseverance in the realization of my very own vision, despite the fears and doubts I had to face.

Thank you!

*: incl. VAT, plus shipping