My intentions

Dear visitor,
I thank you for browsing my web site,

and I'm glad you are interested in reading about my intentions!

It is my vision and motivation to develop products which are characterized by a very personal added-value.
I develop products made of high-quality materials. I globally request that manufacturers
we cooperate with and especially their management executives, to engage in a respectful and attentive treatment of their staff and clients.
It is a heartfelt concern for me to use optimized freight routes and recycle or reuse packaging.
All my products are nickel-free and fulfill the requirements of the European textile industry.
Beyond the excellent quality, the obvious function and the joy of having acquired this new gem, the products shall provide the customer with their own and very personal added-value.

It is my wish that you, dear customer, may experience and profit from this added-value by associating the product with your own life, your own wishes and values

Products with the sign OM

For instance, because of your relaxing and pleasant experience practicing yoga, your affinity to the spiritual backround of the yoga-philosophy or because you like to remember the "doing something good for yourself" aspect you felt while practicing yoga. Wether by meditation, physical exercise or by orientation of your life on the yoga philisophy.

Products with Flower of Life

For instance, because this 5000 year old symbol has been accompanying you for some time and you like using its harmonizing energy for your nutritional needs. Maybe you were able to physically feel its wonderful effects or perceive it as an internal and external free flow of energy. Or maybe you are merely fascinated by the beauty and clarity of its image.

Products with „I Love“

For instance, because you like to be reminded of what you love dearly. No matter what it is; your wife, your husband, your children, your family or someone else close to your heart. Even your dog, cat or fish or any other animal you feel very close to. Or maybe you like to use it as a reminder of other things you love, like your house, your work, your hobby, your motorcycle, your favorite movie or candy.

Written in the world's most widely-spoken languanges I wish for you and I that we discover and remind ourselves of what really matters in life.
To recollect what we love, wholeheartedly.

With this product I want to offer you enjoyment beyond the mere joy of having acquired a valuable product. But a product that provides you with an addition of new and beautiful memories or pleases you for your own personal reasons.

My intention is to have you feel and experience the added-value of these products!
I am very glad if I was able to accomplish that with my ideas and products.

Farewell and kind regards,

Michael Zieger


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